What advantages does digital printing have?

What advantages does digital printing have?
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Digital printing is one of the printing techniques that is highly preferred. There are different methods of this technique. What are its biggest advantages, when and why should you decide to opt for it?

What exactly is digital printing?

It is a printing technique in which materials are transferred to the device thanks to electronic files. Thus, it is possible to print with the use of various types of intermediate media as well as direct printing. The most common form of printing here is the record itself

Digital printing is growing in popularity. Compared to offset printing, a very big advantage of this technique is that each copy can be personalized.

The most popular methods

There are different methods of digital printing, which are used comparably often. One of them is pigment printing, which is used to print photos or graphics. This type of printing is resistant to water and ultraviolet radiation.

Another method of digital printing is dye printing. It involves dissolving a dye in water. Although this is a cheaper alternative, it is not very durable. Such prints should be protected from sunlight as they may fade over time.

Another method worth mentioning is latex printing. It is created with water based dyes. There is no need here to use solvents that can have a negative impact on the quality of prints.

Why is it worth using digital printing?

High quality and low costs

Printouts are characterized by high quality. Their colors are intense and saturated. What is important, they do not differ in appearance and quality from their electronic version.

We should also mention the speed of digital printing. We have the possibility to obtain even several hundred pages within a few dozen seconds of the device’s work. So it is a very economical method. If the first printout does not turn out the way we want, we can quickly fix it. In the case of offset printing, there is no such possibility.

Possibility of personalization

Digital printing is most often chosen by companies when they need to print specific documents as quickly as possible, in small editions and small formats. Although it is not cost-effective to print hundreds of leaflets using digital printing, it is perfect when you want to create personalized information packages for specific customers. Thanks to the possibility of personalizing the printout, each package can have different data. If there is a need to change colors, replacing toners is not difficult either.

In addition, because digital printing is so fast, before the final design is developed, we can have several sample versions printed, from which we will choose the final one. The speed of printing is also an advantage when we need to print something “on the spot”.

Other advantages

It is also important that digital printing can be used on various types of weights and substrates. For some people, it may also be important that specific jobs can be easily archived. For printers, on the other hand, a big advantage is that there is no need to clean the machine of ink residue after printing.

Another advantage of digital printing is that we can create prints in different formats. With different devices we can print materials in A3 format, and even larger.

Digital printing is most used in advertising and business. It should be used by people who anticipate a relatively small circulation of specific materials.

Main photo: Bank Phrom/unsplash.com

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