Does classic print advertising still pay off?

Does classic print advertising still pay off?
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It’s the 21st century. Most consumers are great with the internet. This is where they look for brands that suit their needs. As a result, it seems that print advertising is passé. So should flyers, posters and brochures become obsolete? Do only online campaigns count now? Let’s see if classic print advertising is still worthwhile.

Currently marketing agencies devote most of their energy to online promotion. Some companies do not use paper advertising at all. They invest in website content, expand their services and sell products through well-known and respected platforms such as Allegro, E-bay or Amazon.

Mail order is extremely popular. In addition, Google offers many opportunities to promote your offer online. It is enough to use them skilfully in order to earn a considerable amount of money. Does e-shop doesn’t need printed advertisement? Or maybe it only seems so to its owners?

Classic print advertising will increase your income

Does this statement seem absurd to you? Believe me, it should not. An attractively made flyer will stimulate the customer’s senses and effectively arouse their interest in your offer. When deciding on a particular type of promotion, you need to consider its advantages and disadvantages. I’m not going to convince you to go with one chosen option. However, you should realize that there is no room for coincidence in advertising. It’s best to combine multiple solutions to gain a strong competitive advantage.

How to do it? Research in neuromarketing has shown that brands that interacted with multiple senses simultaneously won in the marketplace. Now think about it… When you look at a website banner or open a newsletter, you often forget about it. Rarely do you re-open your email inbox to re-familiarize yourself with its content. Tell me honestly, how much information have you been able to remember? Not much? Or maybe nothing at all? This is quite normal.

We are bombarded with different messages. This simply makes us tired, so we automatically block pop-ups in the browser. We often do not open e-mails with advertising offers. Some of them end up in spam.

Natłok wiadomości e-mail

The case is different with paper. A traditional, colorful flyer engages more than just the eye. You can touch it, and even feel it! Some of them are tempting with their smell and encourage you to buy. Even if you only glance at it briefly, you’ll remember it. The brand will become ingrained in the subconscious of your potential customer. If they don’t use your offer themselves, there is a good chance they will recommend you to another person.

Paper advertising facilitates direct contact with the customer

Printed advertising allows you to establish a closer relationship with the consumer. When he receives a colorful card, he may feel special and get the impression that you are addressing your message to him. For this reason it is worth taking care of properly formulated content that goes into print. Remember that every word is important here. Aesthetically made flyer with an interesting advertising text can work wonders.

In some cases, it is a good idea to advertise in the press. In this way you can reach the community, which does not use the Internet. Older people are a significant target group that you cannot ignore. Remember that not every retiree can navigate the web efficiently. By giving up on classic advertising, you are incurring huge losses. Don’t make this mistake!

Summary: Is classic print advertising still worthwhile?

Although nowadays many entrepreneurs move their business to the virtual world, paper advertising still has a strong influence on consumers. If you run your own online store, take advantage of proven promotional techniques. Contact potential customers through various media. Ideally, you should also have a stationary store. This way, both traditional and online shopping enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of your offer. This is worth thinking about.

Try to prepare orders for shipment in a different way than before. Put a flyer and a personalized thank you note in the package. This way, there is a good chance that the customer will come back to you. Moreover, your offer may end up in the hands of another person, and this directly leads to an increase in your profits. I guess that’s what you want, right?

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