How to promote eco products?

How to promote eco products?
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While 10 years ago organic products were something exclusive and geared towards a narrow audience, today they have actually become a standard and something that customers expect. 

Organic brands are springing up on the market like mushrooms, so promoting eco goods in the era of conscious consumption requires using the right tools and developing a good marketing strategy. Here are some tips.

Use a variety of communication channels

Don’t overload product packaging and labels with environmental information. Use different channels to communicate important product information to the buyer – point-of-sale flyers, social networks, newsletters for regular customers. This will build a long-term relationship with consumers and help you educate them about environmental issues. It will also show your authentic commitment to the cause.

Avoid trite and generic phrases

Often, buyers simply don’t dare to choose a new “green” brand because they don’t know or trust it. Therefore, when promoting your product, avoid generalities and trite phrases. Instead, use specifics. Tell your customers exactly how your product is green and how using it helps the environment. Also outline the benefits of using it compared to non-environmental analogs on the market.

Focus on the entire life cycle of the product

Recipients of green products are the most conscious group of consumers. They like to know where the goods and their components come from, the process of sourcing raw materials and the conditions of production. And this is what you should include in your promotional activities. Tell about the entire life cycle of your products: the origin of raw materials, their processing, transportation, use, and disposal.

Maximize your reach

Reach a wide audience by promoting your green products as the norm, not the “exception.”  By providing potential customers with the necessary information and running interesting campaigns to educate them about technology, you can create conscious consumers yourself who will buy your product and be loyal to your brand.

Get involved in various campaigns and events

Enter into partnerships with other eco-friendly brands, participate in thematic trade fairs and be present at mass events that your potential audience also attends. Also work to protect the environment by promoting your image as a socially responsible business.

Remember to have eco-friendly packaging

Packaging is an area that obviously calls into question any company’s environmental policy if its product is packaged in polymers that are not biodegradable. If you want to effectively promote an eco-product, you need to ensure that every aspect of it is environmentally friendly.

Don’t forget the basics of marketing

Use all available marketing tools that are within your budget and will help you achieve your goal. Be active on social media and gather a loyal audience. Also create interesting content that they will want to share with others, thus promoting your product.

Build a convenient and readable website. Take care of its positioning for the most popular queries related to your product category and ecology. Also take care of building a profile of quality external links, making them available on thematically related resources with high authority and reputation. Also take advantage of contextual and targeted advertising to target the audience most interested in your offerings.

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