How can stores reach customers through social media?

How can stores reach customers through social media?
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The potential that social media has is huge. You can use it, for example, to increase traffic to your online store. Learn how to use so-called social media to your advantage

Used skillfully, social media can be an extremely important communication channel and part of your marketing strategy. Especially for online stores and the e-commerce industry in general. However, how exactly to use social media and how to navigate them in an efficient way?

Company profiles in social media

Let’s start with the fact that in order to take full advantage of social media, you need to set up an official store profile in the first place, and then maintain it diligently. And no, one post once in a while or a single Facebook ad is not enough. Just like any other marketing or branding effort, you need to create a strategy and put it into action. It is also important to tailor the running of social media to a particular platform, as we will use Instagram differently and YouTube differently. A very good solution in this case is to hire a company or a person to take care of such activities as handling social media, but you can successfully do it yourself. How to


Let’s start with the platform that is Facebook. In case of an online store, you can use it, for example, as a place to advertise your products. The great advantage of this platform is that it collects user data. This allows you to take advantage of analysis regarding the plans, interests, place of residence, age or gender of potential customers, and then adjust the type and frequency of advertisements. Facebook is also a brilliant place to share information about your store. Also, remember to link the products you offer on a regular basis, as this will help in the positioning of your store’s website.


Instagram, just like Facebook, is a good place to advertise, but its greatest potential lies in direct contact with customers and the integration of your target audience. Therefore, it is worthwhile to upload interesting accounts on InstaStories, which will show the behind-the-scenes activities of the store and engaging posts. Remember also that stories are much more interesting when you or one of your employees genuinely says something. Such “chatty” videos give the viewer a sense of a closer, more collegial relationship with the brand. It is also worth using the potential of hashtags to the maximum. This will significantly increase the reach of your posts. Remember, however, that Instagram is a platform based on visual content. Just as on Facebook you should focus on interesting text, here the most important role is played by interesting and eye-catching graphics


If you want to reach a younger audience, it is also worth using Tik Tok. This is a platform that is developing at an incredibly fast pace, which gives great opportunities for creators. However, remember to precisely define your target group and choose content for it. TokTok’s algorithm is quite complicated and really only displays content that the audience will potentially be interested in. Therefore, if you want to launch your online store on this platform, discern the current trends among your target audience and create and upload content based on them.

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