Put your company logo on these things

Put your company logo on these things
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A logo is often the first element of a brand that the audience sees. It should stand out from the competition, draw attention to itself, and partially reveal the core of the brand and what it wants to communicate. However, where you place it is also of great importance. We’ll give you a hint on which things it’s a good idea to do this on.

“Good logo” means what kind of logo?

Let’s start with what are the basics of creating a good logo. First of all, it should be clever, but simple. Have a hidden meaning, but not too obvious. Such solutions work best because they “force” the recipient to think, which makes the brand stay in his mind for a longer time and increases the likelihood that he will choose it over the competition. It is also worth to pay special attention to the letters – their shape, size, placement, because as recipients, we unconsciously assign to them character traits. The color scheme on the logo also has a psychological impact and evokes different emotions. However, remember not to use more than three colors because it will make confusion and unnecessary chaos

These are the most basic rules that will help you in creating your company logo. However, once you have it, where to put it so that it is not only visible but also remembered? We suggest which solutions will work best

Where to place your company logo?

The logo appears mainly on the key product of the company – you will most often see the apple on laptops and phones. However, if your company deals with services, and not with the production of specific goods, you can go a little crazy with the placement of the logo. Check out our three slightly unusual suggestions that can bring a lot of benefits.

Logo on clothing

This is a great option for employee clothing and as an accessory at various conferences, trade shows, events, etc. By putting your logo on your clothing, you and everyone who wears it will become a walking advertisement, which will increase your brand recognition. High quality prints on clothing are offered by the website Strefa-Logo. It will place your company logo on shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, sleeveless jackets, caps or umbrellas, among others.

Logo on cups and medals

Medals and cups are also an interesting idea for a place for your logo. This solution works especially well if your company is involved in sports or if you decide to sponsor competitions. The website https://boccale.pl/ will help you create such trophies. Such statuettes or medals will be a great addition to gifts for employees or contractors.

Chocolates with company logo

Extremely sweet (literally!) idea that everyone will love are chocolates with company logo. It will be an exceptionally thoughtful and successful gift for example for contractors or employees on the occasion of various holidays. Advertising chocolates with company logo given out during various promotional actions or presentation of a new product is also a really effective marketing strategy. Chocolate business cards are also an interesting idea. It is also worth deciding on various personalization options such as making an imprint on the box, creating your own wrapper on the box or tying the box of chocolates with a decorative ribbon or string.

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