How do you create a landing page that you reach your goal with?

How do you create a landing page that you reach your goal with?
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A landing page is a landing page that is usually designed to fulfill one chosen purpose. Regardless of whether we want the user to subscribe to our newsletter or buy our training, it is worth remembering about several basic elements of such page

The user usually comes to the landing page after clicking on the advertisement or other advertising link (e.g. from an e-mail). It would seem that we have already achieved our main goal – we have gained the first client’s interest. However, it is only the beginning, and we have a long way to go to achieve conversion, i.e. desired reaction from those who visit the website.

Less is more

The basic mistake is confusing the landing page with the company website. Meanwhile, landing page is definitely a narrower concept. Since we care about achieving one specific goal (less often: several), the page must be simple. Intuitive menus, clear design and concise texts are the keys to success. Remember that you want to convey a clear message

Define your target audience

First ask yourself: who do you want to be the recipient of your message? Who do you want to attract? Who is most likely to be interested in registering on your website or buying your product?


It goes without saying that the message you want to send to a young audience will be very different from the one you want to send to an experienced entrepreneur. This applies to every aspect of the website: from its graphic design to the language used in the texts. After all, none of us greets our grandparents with the words “elucia, mordki”. Well, unless they do. Then respect for the seniors!

Headlines that attract attention

Okay, the headline above is definitely not a good example (although it certainly gets attention). However, you can do it another way.

Remember that you literally have a few seconds to capture the customer’s interest. How you use them depends on whether or not they are tempted by the “iks” in the corner of the page. This is where headlines come into play

  • First and foremost, a properly constructed headline should communicate to the viewer the benefit they will find for themselves on the page. This will encourage him to take further action and explore your site
  • The headline must not be too complicated. Based on it, the user should be able to evaluate the content of the page and understand its purpose, so don’t create headlines that are too long. If you feel that they need to be supplemented with some relevant information, you can always include it in the subheading
  • It is important to place the headline above the folding line. In practice, this means that it should be visible without scrolling the page. Just remember that many users today browse websites on mobile devices, so make sure your landing page is fully responsive

Call to action with a CTA button

The CTA button is definitely the king of the landing page and your final step to success. It is the one that will encourage the user to take a specific action, which is the primary goal for which you decided to create the website in the first place. Such a button should not only point the user to a potential benefit, but also clearly inform what will happen after pressing it. Mysterious “click here” is not intriguing at all, on the contrary – it may cause confusion and discourage users from taking action

Call To Action is also a kind of signpost of the website, which helps in navigation. Therefore, if the website is longer, it is worth for it to appear more than once

It’s also good if it logically relates to the headings and any subheadings you used earlier. This will help you avoid information noise and customer annoyance

For more on how to create an effective landing page text, read at this point

Contact form

If the overarching purpose of your page is to fill out a contact form, make sure it’s easy to read and doesn’t have too many fields to fill out. Otherwise, the reader may feel like they’re in the IRS filling out a stack of papers, applications, and documents. Do any of us like that? Not necessarily

In this era of special care for personal data, it is also important that you include information about the processing of such data. Users are increasingly interested in where their data goes and how it can be used, so beat their objections before they even come to mind.

Check and test

Notatki przy komputerze

When you take care of the above points, remember that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions that will work perfectly in every case. None of us is infallible either. So test the options you choose and see which converts better. Don’t be afraid to admit a mistake and change ideas that at first seemed to be a great solution. Users really can surprise you, and it is for them that your website was created

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