What to look for when choosing product packaging?

What to look for when choosing product packaging?
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Product packaging plays an extremely important role. After all, they they fulfil a number of important functions – protective, promotional, informative etc. We suggest what aspects to pay attention to in order to make sure that the packaging is as effective as possible.

Good packaging means what kind of packaging? We suggest what features the packaging should have and what to pay attention to when choosing it in order to make it effective.

Safety and convenient access – the basic functions of good packaging

The basic function of any good packaging is of course to ensure the safety of the product, as well as convenient access to the contents. This is why the size of the packaging is so important. Whatever material you choose – cardboard box, tube, plastic or metal container or wooden box – the most important thing is that the packaging is as close as possible in size to the dimensions of the goods. What will it guarantee? First of all, it will protect the goods from moving, which effectively limits damage resulting from bumping against the walls of the packaging. For additional protection, you can take advantage of the upgrades that wholesale polystyrene packaging offers. Also, remember that the packaging for cosmetics in glass bottles should be protected differently, and the packaging of less delicate products should be protected differently. If you are sending products, it is worthwhile to additionally secure the package, for which the parcel wrapping film will be perfect

As far as the convenient access is concerned, it is worth taking into account such aspects as comfortable opening and closing, proper and durable dispenser and sometimes also child safety devices when designing the packaging.

Technological and legal requirements

An aspect that absolutely must not be overlooked when designing or selecting packaging is the technological and legal requirements. If you do not take them into account early enough, you will unnecessarily increase the cost of packaging production and create unnecessary delays. So it is best to get a set of technological requirements from the printing house right away so that you can pass them on to the graphic designer designing the packaging.

For the same reasons, it is essential to ensure that all legal requirements are met. Make sure that the necessary markings are on the packaging, in the right size and colors.

Information and messages on the packaging

Another extremely important aspect to consider at the packaging design stage is the correct hierarchy of information on the package and the clarity of the message. Take care not to lose the most important information, without which the packaging has no raison d’être. So think about what exactly you want to tell the customer and present it in a clear and readable way. It is also important that your packaging has a distinctive element which will differentiate it from other products in the same industry.

Tailor the packaging to the industry

While we’re on the subject of products in a specific industry, it’s worth noting a very important aspect. Although the distinctive element of the packaging is extremely important and plays a big role, the packaging must not completely deviate from the industry standards. However, it is not about blindly copying ideas and lack of creativity, but about creating packaging in such a way that the customer knows what is in it even without reading the label. With this balance, you can be sure that your packaging will be effective.

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