Create a popular channel on YT with this strategy!

Create a popular channel on YT with this strategy!
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Do you want to succeed on YouTube, but don’t know how to create a popular channel and start making real money? There is no single proven formula for success on YouTube, but in this article we will give you some practical tips that are sure to help you grow your channel.

Systematic work on the channel

It is important to work on your channel regularly and systematically, preferably every day. The list of tasks you need to keep in mind includes:

  • creating, uploading and optimizing videos;
  • communicating with subscribers, responding to comments;
  • tracking trends;
  • monitoring video statistics;
  • communicating with other authors;
  • improving skills related to optimizing and editing videos, scripting, etc;
  • looking for advertising platforms and communicating with advertisers;
  • budget planning.

This is not a finite list, as depending on the specifics of the content to be created, it may also include other equally important tasks, such as creating props or acquiring specialists for guest appearances.

Tips from YouTube specialists

YouTube has analyzed the content of top creators and how they interact with their audiences. In doing so, the platform’s specialists identified 10 basic rules for a successful YouTube channel creation strategy. According to them, content should:

  1. Be worth sharing. You need to create engaging content that your viewers will love and want to share with their friends.
  2. Be accessible to new viewers. When a new viewer hits one of your materials, will he or she understand the content without watching others? If you are creating an episodic series, it would be a good idea to add links to other episodes so the new viewer can find them more easily.
  3. Build a dialogue with your audience. Make sure there is an element of addressing your audience directly in your materials. This helps build a bond with them, deepening their trust and loyalty.
  4. Be consistent. Consistency can refer to many aspects – regular publication of new content, a common format for all videos, or the same characters appearing in materials. Consistency helps you create your own style that you can identify with.
  5. Be balanced. Create materials on an equal level, rather than forcing yourself to make one-off improvements to the format. If you can’t raise the bar permanently, such as due to high production costs, stay at your current level.
  6. Be findable. Here the key is to optimize titles and metadancy so that audiences can easily find your content.
  7. Enter into collaborations with other creators. For a successful collaboration, make sure you and your visitor have a similar target audience. By involving other creators, you can expand your reach.
  8. Be interactive. Also, try to involve your audience in creating more content – ask questions, hold contests, encourage feedback in the comments.
  9. Be targeted. It’s important to understand who your target audience is and what they can expect from your channel. Who do you want to reach and who do you want to create content for?
  10. Be authentic. The topics of the channel must be interesting to you. If you choose a topic under your viewers, you can quickly lose motivation to create more materials.

While not all of these principles are completely necessary, the more of them you are able to incorporate into your content, the greater the chance that it will be discovered and shared. 

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