Playlist as a way to communicate with consumers

Playlist as a way to communicate with consumers
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Spotify is a streaming service where you can listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts. And even if a brand isn’t related to music at all, it’s worth including it in communications with its audience. Here are some examples of how this platform has been used by some companies to promote their products or services.


Marketing specialists from the Serviceplan agency discovered that dogs also have their own favorite music genres and compositions. Based on this, they created an entire campaign for a Munich shelter. They recorded several videos of dogs reacting to different pieces of music, and then attached them to popular playlists on Spotify. In this way, potential owners were able to come across footage of a pet with the same taste in music. In addition, the campaign was complemented by posters, a website and the catchy name Adoptify. You can watch a short piece about the campaign here.

Hunger Spotters

Agency BBDO takes care of Snickers brand branding communications around the world. Its most popular campaign, “Hungry You’re Not You,” has been working for the brand for 10 years, and the creators are still finding new ways to improve it.

Marketing specialists from London-based AMV BBDO dug into Spotify’s internal data and found something interesting: most of the time people stick to a certain pattern when choosing music genres, but sometimes they make an exception to this and, for example, a rock lover chooses a pop or classical track. The conclusion? It’s a decision dictated by hunger.

On this basis, a campaign was created consisting of a dozen specially created songs whose lyrics called for snacking on something and returning to a favorite genre. Thanks to Spotify’s personalization capabilities, these compositions hit the right ears at the right time. You can learn more about the campaign in this video.

Barilla and the pasta playlist

Barilla has teamed up with Spotify to provide its audience with an enjoyable way to cook the always-perfect pasta – it has prepared several playlists for specific types of pasta. The idea is that when the water in the pot boils, you drop the pasta into it and turn on the corresponding playlist. By the time you finish listening to the last song, your noodles should be ready.

As you can see, creating and sharing playlists is a great addition to your marketing efforts. Playlists can amplify your brand’s appeal and be a versatile communication tool for your advertising campaign, as well as increase brand awareness among millions of listeners.

Music and fashion

The soundtracks for Prada’s recent shows created by DJ Richie Hawtin or Plastikman have been the subject of such long and lively discussions as the new collections by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. You can listen to all the tracks on the Italian brand’s website on the streaming platform Spotify – each show by the design duo has a separate playlist.

Another example of using music in a fashion brand’s marketing efforts is Chanel. The company’s official account (this time on Apple Music, not Spotify) features 14 playlists that the brand helped its friends create. Among them are Michelle Gobert and singer of K-pop group Blackpink Jenny, and actress Margaret Qualley. And invitations to the brand’s latest fall-winter 2021/22 show were printed with a QR code to discover music from the show.

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