Network monitoring tools. What are they for and how to use them?

Network monitoring tools. What are they for and how to use them?
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On the market we can find a lot of network monitoring software that will help to search and track reviews of a brand. We checked which of them are worth paying attention to.

Web monitoring allows us to analyze the presence of a particular brand on the web. Thanks to special tools, we can keep up-to-date with information and publications about our company. It often happens that despite the care for an appropriate image, extensive marketing activities or business caution, negative opinions appear on the Internet, which can affect the reputation of our brand. Web monitoring tools make it possible to react quickly to such situations. We present proven platforms with which we will effectively optimize image activities and promote the company.


Brand24 is a paid tool that allows us to monitor the Internet and social media. It allows us to know and understand the opinions of online users about designated brands or products, including ours. Brand24 monitors the web in real time, that is, in real time, so it shows the collected statements as soon as they are published online. This makes it possible to react instantly to negative opinions about our company and take actions that will protect the brand’s reputation.

We can use the tool independently, the system is clear and intuitive. In case of problems, consultants are at our disposal.


SentiOne helps manage online reputation. The tool tracks brand mentions in various online channels – not only in social media, but also on news or review sites, as well as blogs and forums. SentiOne will detect unusual occurrences, for example, an increase in negative reviews of a company, and send an appropriate notification so we can take appropriate action. Advanced analytics is also a useful feature. SentiOne’s analytics dashboard allows you to access data from a selected period.

Monitori (Unamo Social Media Monitoring)

Monitori has been combined with another social media monitoring application – Unamo Social Media Monitoring. This is another tool that will help monitor brand mentions online. Its advantage is a clear interface. On Monitori’s home page we will find a search engine for mentions of a given phrase, which will allow us to get basic statistics.

Sprout Social

Another tool for monitoring the Internet is Sprout Social. The platform allows us to analyze mentions of a given brand on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. An important advantage of Sprout Social is that it has been integrated with the free Google Analytics system, so we can track traffic to our website. Sprout Social also monitors posts and comments that are published in Facebook newsgroups.

Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool used to monitor Google search engine results for a particular company. The platform looks for mentions of our brand or its products on many sites. It searches news, blogs, videos, discussions and even books. However, it doesn’t track social media, so it’s a good idea to combine this tool with another one, such as the one mentioned above. If Google Alerts finds mentions of interest, it will notify us by email.

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