Are SEO activities worth conducting on your own?

Are SEO activities worth conducting on your own?

When running a website or online store we strive not only to maximize profit, but also to increase the visibility of our place on the web by strengthening our position in search engines

However, a fundamental question arises – are SEO activities worth doing on your own or is an SEO agency a better solution in this case? Let’s look for an answer to this question.

What is SEO?

First of all, we need to understand what SEO activities really are. According to the definition, the term means optimization of a website for a search engine – in such a way that our place on the web is located as high as possible on the list of search results. What is important in this case are primarily keywords – words or whole phrases that Internet users search in Google, and for which we would like to be as high as possible in the results, ahead of our local or global competition

By SEO we also mean optimizing the code of a website so that a search engine can find the content it will present to its readers in a clear way, as well as link building. In this case we are dealing with acquiring links on valuable websites that direct to our website, thanks to which we will strengthen our position in search results and at the same time provide ourselves with a specific advertisement.

On your own or with help of SEO agency?

Looking at the above definition, one may be tempted to say that nothing stands in the way of positioning a website or an online store on your own. Unfortunately – nothing more misleading

It is much safer to entrust this activity to professionals – regardless of whether we are interested in Magento or Ebexo positioning or we have a blog on WordPress or use any other platform. SEO agency has the huge advantage of being well acquainted with the subject of positioning and its employees keep track of all changes in search engine algorithms. What’s more – the experience gained over the years results in easier and faster actions, which are anyway laborious and take a lot of time

When running a website or an online store it is much better to focus 100% on the continuation of the business by outsourcing SEO activities to an external company – because it is impossible to simultaneously position and develop the business doing both well.

It is also worth remembering that the agency employs more people, which allows for a broader approach to the issue than trying to do SEO on your own.

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