Instagram has surprised by introducing age restrictions for advertisers. Such measures on the platform are meant to reduce the number of ads that are not age-appropriate audience

Protecting advertisers and brands

The age restriction of ads on Instagram is supposed to protect the youngest users and advertisers, against whom there are very often accusations that the values they promote are unsuitable for the youngest. From now on, any company advertising its products on Instagram can set a minimum age for its audience.

Why the change?

Mały chłopiec

The main reason for changing Instagram’s advertising policy is to protect the youngest users. For advertisers, this may turn out to be good news – they will be able to enter foreign markets by specifying the age of the audience of their ads. This solution will also allow marketing agencies to properly measure the reach of their ads.

This restriction is a continuation of an earlier restriction on minors who could not view ads for alcohol and over-the-counter drugs.

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