Sky-shop positioning – basics and first steps

Sky-shop positioning – basics and first steps
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Today’s e-commerce-based world requires a very different marketing effort than it did until recently, when most shoppers made live purchases at stationary outlets. SEO is all about achieving the highest possible position in Google search results. Any fledgling website without a proper history in Google search lands at the bottom of the results, and thus does not generate any organic (free) traffic. Positioning completely changes this state of affairs and allows a website to appear even on the first result for a selected keyword in SERP (Search Engine Results Page). However, in order for positioning to make this possible, it must be carried out by appropriate teams of people who know exactly what positioning is all about. Agencies like SEO San Diego, SEO marketing Jacksonville, or SEO services Baltimore come to the aid of entrepreneurs with attractive offers and effective strategies. 

Basic assumptions of SEO positioning

Google’s algorithm evaluates the relevance of each site for a selected keyword based on data obtained by Google’s bots, which are robots that scour the entire web for new content. The algorithm evaluates the site and thus gives it a Page Rank, which determines the position of its results in the Google search engine. During positioning, it is all about meeting all the conditions set by the algorithm itself. Sounds not very complicated in practice, but it is. Even interactive agencies do not fully know how Google bots work specifically. However, market analyses conducted by agencies, such as the aforementioned SEO San Diego or SEO services Baltimore, allow us to get closer to Google’s guidelines and come up with conclusions that translate into constructing strategies that allow Google to satisfy the websites. 

SEO positioning – stages and tasks

SEO positioning is a multi-stage, long and very difficult, complicated process which is usually carried out only by the best SEO specialists. SEO marketing Jacksonville webmaster explains – the whole process is divided into three separate but equally important stages such as:

  • SEO audit. This stage involves an in-depth analysis of the chosen website in terms of its current state. This is how positioners and programmers assess the scope and difficulty of work to be done,
  • on-site activities, which include all actions carried out on the website subjected to positioning. It is then necessary to change the hierarchy of headings or carry out an optimization of page speed,
  • off-site actions. This process consists of many steps outside the website, which from the positioning point of view are no less important than the above. As a rule, this step comes down to the analysis of links and their active acquisition.

Only if all of the above steps are fulfilled, it may result in improving its visibility in the network. However, the human factor cannot be overlooked. Making any mistake can, at best, only limit the maximum position of a given subpage, while blatant violations may result in the site’s exclusion from Google listings. Therefore, positioning of Sky-shop and other CMS should be entrusted to a trustworthy, good company with many years of experience on the market.

You can’t run your own business without positioning

Running your own business online only seems easy and simple on the surface. Many novice entrepreneurs mistakenly assume that basic knowledge about a particular engine is enough to start an ecommerce business, while in fact setting up a store is the least of their worries. A much bigger one is getting your site the best possible visibility. Sponsored articles generate a lot of traffic, but also short-lived traffic with very low conversions, just like contextual or display advertising. Positioning is an investment in the future, for this very reason you should give a chance to agencies that are able to help you, through attractive offers. You can find this support in SEO San Diego, SEO marketing Jacksonville, SEO services Baltimore, or iCEA Group – a top Polish interactive agency with an international reach. Give them a chance to help you, and yourself, succeed in e-commerce. 

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  • Cole Walker 22.07.2022

    “You can’t run your own business without positioning” – I totally agree with that! Thanks to positioning, I started to note much higher sales results. I am convinced that effective SEO is a key to the success of any online business. However, if you want positioning to be effective, you need to follow the stages you mentioned. An SEO audit, on-site actions and off-site activities are the basis of positioning.

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