Will cookies stay with us for longer? Google announces new date

Will cookies stay with us for longer? Google announces new date

Google has announced, for the second time, the postponement of the date for the complete abandonment of cookies that track users. Originally it was supposed to happen in 2022, but what is the new date?

Google is giving up cookies, but when?

Chrome’s browser competitors, Safari and Firefox, have been blocking third-party tracking cookies used by advertisers by default for more than two years. Meanwhile, Google continues to use cookies and, despite its boisterous announcements, is once again pushing back the deadline for finally abandoning their use. The new date calls for cookies to be supported until the second half of 2024. In practice, this could mean that Chrome browser users could be tracked by other companies for 2 more years.

The delay is due to the fact that the giant wants to develop an alternative system for tracking user behavior directly in its browser sooner. Not surprisingly. After all, Google earns about $200 billion a year in ad revenue, and abandoning cookies could mean big losses.

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