Google search changes - how does augmented reality work?

Google search changes - how does augmented reality work?

At the Google I/O conference in 2019, the company announced the introduction of AR objects into search results. A year later, the first 3D models appeared in the search engine. What can you do with them?

ARCore from Google

To use the service, you need a device with Android or iOS, a Google account and an ARCore certificate, which can be downloaded from the Play store. At least one AR app is also required.

Accessing 3D augmented reality objects is very easy. They appear at the top of search results when you type in a specific query. You can find models of:

  • animals;
  • human anatomical parts;
  • cultural objects;
  • chemical terms; and more.

In the search engine, type in a word you’re interested in, such as “tiger,” and select “View in 3D,” which launches AR. It allows you to “place” the object in your environment – room, garden, office – after scanning it. At the same time, the model can be freely rotated and scaled.

The list of available objects is still being extended, but currently more possibilities are provided by the English language.

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