Every day we come across hundreds of organized charity auctions for people in need of help. How do we find out about them?

Over 60 percent of Poles learn about charity events from the web. Social media have the biggest share in this. They are several times more often cited as a source of such information than publicly available portals. Television, radio and press are lagging behind. Also through leaflets or directly during conversations such information is much less frequent.

source: pexels.com

As stated in the report carried out by UCE RESEARCH for Szczytny-Cel.pl – over 63% of Poles most often learn about online auctions from the Internet.

Charity auctions in the net were most popular about 5-7 years ago. However, it is still the Internet that focuses our attention the most. It is also here where the biggest donations for the needy are collected. Foundations, public benefit organisations and collection services invest heavily in this channel of contact with Poles. Because of that their financial expenditures on this type of collections are constantly growing.

source of main picture: pexels.com

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