Instagram is betting on short videos - what are the current trends?

Instagram is betting on short videos - what are the current trends?

There is no denying that social media plays an extremely important role nowadays. People all over the world use them to communicate, share experiences and thoughts, and even work. The popularity of social media platforms is associated with huge profits for their owners – so it’s no wonder that they go to great lengths to stay in the “top” and not lose users.

What are reels?

Social media owners are well aware that in order to keep users with them, they must meet their expectations. This is not easy, since popular apps and platforms are used by billions of people – for example, on Instagram there are 2 billion active accounts and as many as 500 million users use the app daily. Each of these people has different needs and preferences, which those responsible for Instagram’s development are trying to match to increase user engagement. One idea that has been successfully introduced as a new Instagram feature is to post and watch short videos. Reels, also known as reels, are short – usually no more than a minute long – videos that allow Instagram users to reach a wide audience. Their content can vary widely, and you’ll initially find anything: beauty tips, travel reports, food preparation, playing with pets, educational or promotional content. Over time, the algorithm will learn which topics attract and hold your attention and will more often suggest reels that match your tastes. As a result, with reels you gain access to additional content, and if you run an account on Instagram – a new opportunity to communicate with other users.

Instagram trends

Social media is mainly used by Generation Z. Of course, many older people also have accounts on social media apps and actively post online, but don’t kid yourself – trends are shaped by the youngest users, who spend the most time with their phones. What are the current instagram hits? As always, fashion and beauty topics are popular. Just a few years ago, mass-produced cosmetics and clothing were selling well, today alternative fashion and environmental movements are among the trends. Users are leaning toward solutions that support their worldview preferences, and they manifest this with their purchases as well. They want to distinguish themselves with originality, so proposals that showcase non-standard and offbeat styles are in demand. Among the most popular hashtags are those that talk about eco-friendly shopping, supporting small businesses or buying locally and in second-hand stores. Other popular topics are celebrities and influencers. At the same time, it is worth knowing that generation Z is more willing to watch creators working online and trust them more – show business stars are no longer as attractive to them as TouTube or Instagram celebrities. However, a trend characteristic of every generation of teenagers is still present among social media users – they like to know what’s going on in the big world. The only difference is that in the era of globalization, Generation Z’s “big world” is actually the entire planet. For this reason, some of the most watched reels are those about news from the world of influencers.

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