The final end of Google Analytics 3 - how to prepare?

The final end of Google Analytics 3 - how to prepare?

Google has officially confirmed the closure of Google Analytics 3 (Universal Analytics). Its replacement is Google Analytics 4.

In practice, this means that from July 1, 2023, the older version of the tool will no longer process data, and as a result, it will not appear in its interface.

A new era of web analytics

While existing users will still have access to the data collected in the service, it will not be updated, which means that the tool will not be useful. Switching to Google Analytics 4 thus becomes a necessity, not a choice. This is important information for webmasters and site owners who use the service to analyze web assets.

To properly prepare for it, the company already in 2020 recommended implementing dual tagging, i.e. parallel tracking of data using both versions of the tool simultaneously. It is better not to delay with such configuration – the sooner we do it, the more data we will have to analyze after GA3 is closed.

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