The portal in response to the pandemic crisis decided to help smaller companies in managing their business online

This is not the first supportive action of Facebook – since the beginning of the crisis, the platform has already offered grant programs, training, gift cards and published special guides. How does it help this time?

Convenient multi-tool

Facebook Business Suite is actually a combination of Facebook, Instagram and Messenger functions in one place. The introduction of this solution is a direct response to research showing that managing network activities often distracts entrepreneurs from business matters

With the new feature, smaller business owners can:

  • post to both portals simultaneously,
  • check notifications and view news from both sources,
  • view condensed statistics for Facebook and Instagram, enhanced with visual reports

In this way, not only will they gain a lot of time, but also with greater ease will be able to maintain order (not distracting their attention to several portals), better control advertising spending, and plan further marketing activities

Facilitation for the chosen ones?

At first only small companies will be able to take advantage of the new features, but – according to Facebook – in the coming year Facebook Business Suite will also be open to larger companies.

Business Suite works both on computers and all mobile devices. So it is probably only a matter of time until it becomes part of the daily management of most companies.

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