The situation related to the pandemic has affected almost everyone. However, there’s no denying that the worst hit was the food service industry, which had to demonstrate its foxy cunning to stay afloat in the economy

What does the new situation require from entrepreneurs in the food sector? First of all, flexibility, which means adapting to strange and difficult conditions, and often daring to implement completely crazy ideas

Mania Smaku, a pizzeria in Wrocław, has decided to share its tricks for good delivery and survival.

A chat over a beer

The Wrocław Culinary Travels channel decided to interview the creators of one of the most popular pizzas in the capital of Lower Silesia and ask them how they manage in pandemic times. The whole conversation had the character of a casual chat accompanied by beer, but this by no means affected its merit

The owners of the business shared the pros and cons of delivery, which they have noticed in the recent period, but also advice for people who are just taking their first steps in the food delivery business

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