Pride Month - how do major brands show solidarity?

Pride Month - how do major brands show solidarity?

June is known as Pride Month, or Pride Month. Famous brands are increasingly willing to express their support for the LGBTQIA+ society. We check out how they are doing it.

Pride Month is a special time during which solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community is shown. Equality marches are held in major cities, and many of the world’s artists, musicians, actors and politicians demonstrate their support. Major companies are also trying to stand in solidarity with this social group. In Tatuum stores in June we can buy sweatshirts, all proceeds from which will be donated to the Equaversity Foundation.

The Yes brand has decided to change its logo to a rainbow one on its website and social media profiles. Products purchased in stores are to be packaged in rainbow tissue paper. Pantene is promoting its hair care products with the slogan “Hair Has No Gender.” Calvin Klein, on the other hand, shows a pregnant transgender man in an ad.

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